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About Our Founder

Clarice Holmes, RN, BSM, CCM, CPUM, CHN

Founder & CEO

Professional Journey


Meet Clarice Holmes, the formidable force known as the "Clean Up Woman" in the healthcare landscape. As the Senior Director of Clinical Knowledge Management at NantHealth, Clarice spearheads the strategic development of evidence-based clinical content for the groundbreaking Eviti Solutions, a repository encompassing over 5,000 meticulously crafted drug treatment regimens for oncology conditions and autoimmune disorders.


A Journey Inspired


Clarice's remarkable 45-year journey in healthcare traces back to the vivid image of her mother, adorned in an all-white uniform, leaving for work with a singular purpose—to help people. Combined with the influence of her father, a computer programmer, Clarice's destiny as a technically clinical innovator seemed almost preordained. From her initial role as a candy striper to overcoming adversities as the only black girl in her RN School, Clarice's resilience and determination have been constant companions. Her joy in witnessing others recover became the driving force propelling her through diverse roles in healthcare.

Educational Excellence


Clarice is armed with a Nursing and Applied Science Degree and a Bachelor's Degree in Management, a testament to her commitment to excellence. In her 30+ year career, she has worn various hats, from a nurse and nursing instructor to Vice President of Operations/Client Services, Director of Training and Staff Performance, and an inspiring speaker.

Leadership in Action


Before joining NantHealth, Clarice served as the Chief Clinical Officer for Concord Management Resources/QualCare, a Cigna Company. In this pivotal role, she oversaw Clinical Programs and care management for small employer groups in NJ, impacting the lives of 50,000 individuals. Her journey also includes significant roles as the Chief Nursing Officer at MEDecision and Privacy Officer at Partners In Care.


Versatility in Healthcare


Clarice's impact extends beyond traditional healthcare roles, boasting over 30 years of HealthPlan management experience through Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of NJ, Cigna, and Aetna Health Plans. Her influence is not confined by geographical boundaries, as she actively participated in the Whitehouse COVID-19 Task Force and the Employers Association of NJ development workgroup, focusing on health and wellbeing in NJ, Texas, Tennessee, and Minnesota.


A Multifaceted Professional


Healthcare Experience: Clarice's expertise encompasses Utilization Management, Call Center Management, Comprehensive Case Management, Disease Management, Quality Improvement, Process Improvement, Nursing Education, Product Management, Accreditation, Project Management, and Informatics, showcasing her multifaceted skills in healthcare administration.


Clinical Experience: Clarice's clinical journey spans diverse areas, including Medical/Surgical Nursing, Pediatrics, Neonatal Intensive Care, Obstetrical and Gynecological Nursing, Oncology, Orthopedics, Telemetry, Adult Intensive Care, Ambulatory care, Provider offices, Nursing Education, Rehabilitation Nursing, Geriatric, and Psychiatric Nursing.


Continuing Education: A perpetual learner, Clarice holds certifications in Six Sigma, Process Improvement, Holistic Nursing, Utilization Management, and Complex Case Management, ensuring she stays at the forefront of evolving healthcare practices.


Professional Affiliations


  • Case Management Society of America (CMSA)

  • Holistic Nursing Association

  • NJ State Nursing Association


Clarice Holmes is not just a professional; she is a trailblazer, seamlessly blending decades of experience, educational prowess, and a commitment to continuous improvement. Her impact on the healthcare landscape is not just witnessed; it's felt across borders and generations. Clarice Holmes is a catalyst for change, a visionary leader shaping the future of healthcare.

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